Quick Guide for Authors

7 Steps to self publish your book on TowerBabel

Follow the below simple steps to publish your book on TowerBabel to earn a free editorial review and reach our 38,000 fans on social networks.

  1. Register a free account on Towerbabel.
  2. Go to "Edit My Profile" to complete your bio, upload a profile picture and enter the social media details.  (A complete profile will help you to get discovered)
  3. Go back to the Dashboard, click "Create New Book" under the “Writing Mode” on your Dashboard.
    Add Chapters
  4. Select one of the below options to add chapters to your book.
    Add Chapters
    • "Add A New Chapter" – Bring up our minimalistic styled editor where you can write on the spot.
    • "Import A Chapter" – Upload from an existing document (File types supported: txt, doc, docx, rtf, ods). If you have the entire book on a single word file, make sure you split it chapter by chapter while importing.
    • "Import From RSS Feed" – Import content directly from the RSS feed of your blog.

    Feel free to add any external link to your Amazon/Personal Website at the end of the book to direct the readers to purchase your book.

  5. When you are ready to publish your work, go to the “Details” tab

    Fill in or edit the detail information of your book, such as Genre, Description, and Tags. Make sure you upload a nice book cover!

    Add Book Cover
  6. Next go to “Publish” tab

    Select the chapters you want to publish. You can come back to the dashboard to publish new chapter or un-publish chapters anytime.

    For example, if you have a book on sale and do not want to release the entire book for free, you can selectively publish the first three chapters as an Excerpt.

    When you are done, click "Next Step - Edit Book Details" to edit any meta description if necessary.

  7. Click "Publish This Edition". Voila! You book will show up on TowerBabel homepage and will be promoted to our 38,000 fans and followers online.
    Share your book

    Last step - spread the word to your friends and followers by sharing this great achievement with them.

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Happy Writing!