What's your favorite creation (animal, spell, object, character, world) so far?

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Suzanna J LintonMarch, 19 2015

So far, my favorite creation is The Land of the Sun, a world I made for The Lands of Sun and Stone Series. I've only written the one book but there are so many possibilities! Love it!

Georgina ParfittMarch, 19 2015

Sounds beautiful! I love that feeling of possibility when you create something new...

Coren GravesMarch, 25 2015

I'd have to say the Pantheon within the world of Legends. The different Gods' stories and interactions just fell together so effortlessly and the story Syrena and I have built has amped me up with each new detail.

T.D. RaufsonJune, 23 2015

In Legacy of Dragons: Emergence I created a magical orb used by Renard. Although I have only revealed a couple of the features and I have not revealed who created it, the orb is a viewing orb that is controlled by the user's mind. It provides several different forms of enhanced and magical vision. It projects what it is seeing in the mode selected to the viewer at a remote distance that can be between a few centimeters and several hundred meters. In the second chapter Renard uses it to look around where he is standing to try and figure out where he is. He tosses it into the air where it climbs to the height he wants and then follows his directions to see all around. The orb is one of many magic items I am creating in this series.

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