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Steven and Detra are a team, and were destined to meet. Both were born in South Dakota. Both went into the Air Force. Steve was in Germany, Detra was assigned to go to the same base. Steve went to California, Detra’s assignment was changed to California, where they met, and have been together ever since. They worked together, played together, and now write together. They reside in the Pacific Northwest, in the Puget Sound area. Quite a change from all the desert area’s they have been in.

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Demesne Aithera

A girl child, assassinated at birth by spirits of evil, brought back to life through the magical essence of others. Yet, Aithera Kilbray has bigger obstacles ahead. Orphaned at 5 summers of age by the dark one who destroyed her family's estate, she is raised Tera by those who recognize ...

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Demesne Valley of Mystery - Book 2

Aithera passes an old man along the road as she is traveling again. She feels drawn to help him survive a sudden snowstorm and a mystery begins to unfold, about his past and where he is from. Aithera will have to face her nightmares from her orphaned past. Jira will ...

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Demesne New Beginnings - Book 3

Aithera is the Heart of the Dragon Back Valley, and one of the Guardians of the Dragon Back Castle. To her close friends and family, she is still only Tera. Uncertain of others, Solen departs when he believes he is doing more harm than good. Aithera will visit her friends ...

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Demesne Challenge - Book 4

Montiack invokes the Matriarch Challenge, a deadly duel on dragon back. The first obstacle for Jira is to find a dragon from her own clan as her dragon mount. Her connection to the valley and to the crystal, and any help from her friends Aithera and Devon is forbidden by ...

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