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Towerbabel in a nutshell

Our mission is simple – to make the world more open and collaborative.
Collaboration is the act of working with each other to create something, something of value.

We choose to start with books.

Ever since the writing system was invented in ancient civilizations, people have been recording words on clay tablets, scrolls, codexes, manuscripts and the like. These are all early forms of books, and the main purpose is to create long lasting records of knowledge, ideas and stories, to be shared and passed on for generations.

Early forms of writing

Various forms of ancient writing

Books have been documenting our history through time, telling one great story after another. Some of these stories age and evolve, some are timeless.

No one can write without first learning how to read. Great writers and scholars are all influenced by the books they read; they build upon them, create something greater to pass on, and the process repeats itself. Therefore, books carry the innate elements of sharing and collaborating, and we created TowerBabel to help facilitate this process.

So read a book now, and start writing!

Benjamin Franklin Photo

Benjamin Franklin

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing”

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What is TowerBabel?

TowerBabel is a social publishing platform, with beautifully designed tools for writers to create eBooks in the cloud. For readers, it’s a place to discover your favorite books and read them on the go.

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